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About us:

The German-speaking Protestant Church has been active in Japan since 1885 and has been at its present location in Gotanda since 1959.

Our Sunday worship (services are held in German) is at the center of the spiritual life at the German Protestant Church Tokyo/Yokohama, known as the “Kreuzkirche”. Our lively and dynamic services are usually attended by 20 to 30 members of all age groups from about 70 households, and we are one of the 140 congregations of the Protestant Church in Germany (Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland, EKD) existing outside of Germany. Some of our members have lived in Japan for many years while many others are sent to Japan on a 3-5 year assignment or for a period of study or research. For this reason, there are always new families and people being welcomed into our church, making us a support base bringing people together in faith and fellowship. The church provides pastoral counseling in baptism, confirmation, marriage, as well as in bereavement, and also offers general spiritual guidance and care.

A high percentage of our church members are actively engaged in voluntary church activities such as holding regular Sunday School for children age 2 -10 and offering Arts and Crafts classes. All activities contribute to a rich and vibrant environment and experience for the members. The church is also involved in outreach work in the community.

Our elected Church Council and the other church committees provide direction and planning for the church’s activities, including associated musicians who provide wonderful musical experiences during church services and at other events.

We have two buildings and a nice garden for outdoor activities:

The church with a seating capacity of approx. 120 persons, equipped with a custom-made pipe organ that was newly installed in 2019.

A community center of approx. 200sqm with a meeting room, small office (1 person) for the pastor, a guest room and a kitchen on the ground floor, and 3 bedrooms on the upper floor housing the pastor and family.

Annual General Meeting (AGM):

We currently have approx. 70 members who can vote at the AGM.

The AGM takes place in the spring of every year and all members of the congregation have the right to participate and vote. The decisions taken at the AGM of the congregation determine church operations for the coming year. The congregation elects the governing Church Council, approves the Council’s proposals regarding the hiring of pastors, and accepts/approves the financial report and the church budget. Themes of the AGM include a review of the year’s activities, reports on current and planned activities, as well as reports from various church committees.

Church Council:

The Church Council is the governing body of the congregation, officially representing it both within the church and towards outside organizations. The Church Council meets once per month to address current issues of the congregation and makes decisions as appropriate. Typical topics of discussion would include addressing issues related to the Sunday services, special events being organized or sponsored by the congregation, financial issues, deciding on where the proceeds from the Sunday offerings should be put touse, and representing the congregation at outside functions.

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